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Rendering Services

The old saying that a picture is worth a thousand words is particularly true in the home building arena. Unless a buyer can visualize what a home will look like, inside and out, they can’t get excited about the home itself.

That’s why renderings are such an effective marketing tool. They allow the buyer to see exactly what they are getting – in color, with all the materials and finishes in front of their eyes. It can remove the barrier of uncertainty and indecision, and provide an excellent starting point for exploration of options, upgrades and architectural style. Interior floor plan renderings allow them to see how the different rooms relate to each other, without the confusion of dimension and construction lines common to blueprint plans.

The Home Builders Network rendering style offers you these powerful visualization tools at a very reasonable price. Unlike formal architectural renderings that are time-consuming to produce and can cost thousands of dollars, an exterior elevation rendering can be produced for as little as $200. Exterior elevations are available in different architectural styles, including Traditional, Craftsman, Cottage, American Farmhouse and Country French. You may want to offer the same floor plan in more than one architectural style to simplify construction. Floor plan renderings are available for as little as $180 per image.

We can also produce perspective renderings as well as site map renderings and all of our renderings services can be utilized for commercial structures. Please call or email for additional pricing information as well as more details about all of the Home Builders Network’s architectural rendering services. Email admin@hbnnet.com or call 1-800-823-4344 to explore solutions for all your rendering needs.