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Home Builders Network provides a wide array of consulting services to our homebuilder clients. Strategically, our focus is on product, pricing, sales process management, optimization of capital and maintaining proper land positions. At the tactical level, these services include leadership, marketing, residential design and land planning. While other consulting companies may provide individual expertise in any one of these areas, Home Builders Network is unique in providing an overall approach that combines all these elements into a coherent whole, acting as a true partner with our clients. That is why we tend to seek long-term relationships with mid-size builders, with an emphasis on improving long-term performance.

It is that total solution approach to the client’s needs that makes consulting with Home Builders Network such a rewarding experience. All aspects of the business are integrated and coordinated to enhance productivity, market acceptance and profitability. Many of the Home Builders Network’s clients have been awarded the prestigious “America’s Best Builder” designation, and over a dozen have benefited from this unique builder/client relationship for over a decade.

Client Testimonial:

"20+ years and ‘THE MAN’ still brings it!

Gear-up and look forward to a fast paced exciting day whenever Al visits. We are constantly amazed at the value he brings to every facet of our constantly changing business every time. With his in-depth knowledge of the industry and his lightning fast ability to appraise the current opportunity or issue, Al immediately unleashes his outside perspective providing thought provoking discussion as well as bottom line assessments.

With an array of ideas and cross-pollination from other real world situations, this is not textbook theory. Al offers practical solutions. Our success is a direct result of Al’s advice."

Todd Pohlig
The Pohlig Companies