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To be a successful builder in today’s market, you need to understand what buyers are looking for. They want better homes, of course, with better design, greater curb appeal, and the luxuries and amenities they have come to expect. They want better neighborhoods with open space, views, and a sense of community. They want to feel a pride of ownership every time they enter the door. And they want it all at a price they can afford.

Meeting these varied and sometimes conflicting needs isn’t always easy. Finding home design, land planning, and marketing services that operate from a builder’s perspective is even harder. Now, in one place, you can get all the services for which you once had to contract separately, all sharing a unified vision and driven by a sense of what today’s buyers are looking for.

Who’s Who at Home Builders Network:

Al Trellis
Al has 40 years experience as a custom builder, engineer, consultant, columnist, and speaker. He’s known for his creativity and insights into improving profits and productivity. He has written numerous books and over 200 articles about life and various aspects of homebuilding.

Bill Watkins
An engineer, former builder and industry consultant, Bill works to ensure that plans are easy and cost-effective to build, and coordinates with Al and the client to create profitable land plans. Creating a coherent and targeted product offering within a given community is one of Bill’s specialties.

Brad Trellis
As Operations Manager Brad coordinates the interaction of Home Builders Network with our clients to ensure that projects are scheduled, planned and executed on time and within budget. He manages the creation of builder marketing materials including floor plan and elevation renderings, graphic design and coordination of printing.

What are you waiting for?
Every day, the competition is striving to improve themselves. If you’re not making your product better, you’re well on the way to second place.

Call Home Builders Network at 800-823-4344 to discuss design needs and schedule a time to begin improving your home design and marketing programs.

“Excellence is doing ordinary things extraordinarily well.”John W. Gardner