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The Builder’s Guide to Marketing Success

It’s not enough to build good houses and to provide good value. You must let your potential buyers know about you and the product you provide. This seminar is designed to help builders increase their profits by improving their marketing message, and getting more impact from their marketing efforts.

Topics include:

  • The Impact of the Message - 80% of the impact of your marketing is in the message (what you say), and 20% in the media (where you say it). How to target your message to your potential buyers to increase impact
  • Your Value Proposition - Choose one of five value propositions that tell the buyer what they can expect for their money.
  • TPM2 – Selling the Total Product - How to use all of the benefits – emotional, functional, procedural, as well as financial and physical – to sell your homes.
  • How to Create a Marketing Brochure - Once you have a new identity and message, how to use those elements to create effective marketing materials
  • How Much Should you Spend? - The amount you spend depends on the results you want to generate. Where to spend your money for the most impact